Twenty Seven

Yes! I am twenty-seven years old, and
No! This isn’t the “Perfect Age” to get married at all
Yes! There is a lot in life I need to learn, but
Thank you very much; I can do it on my own

Yes! I am twenty-seven years old and I am single
sorry Mom, but I am not ready to mingle
Yes! I am a Software engineer living in Bangalore
No! I will not do an MBA just because it pays more

Yes! I am twenty-seven years old, and I am Happy
Is that so hard for you to believe, really?
Yes! I write poetry and I enjoy it
No! I won’t go to the shrink just because
you think I am a depressive

I maybe clueless about a lot of things in life
Grilled by time like turkeys on Thanksgiving night
But if there’s one thing
One thing I know for sure,
No matter what happens,
I will not give up this fight,
I will endure

I will trust myself and learn to be happy
Won’t worry too much, ’cause it ain’t worth it
Make mistakes, fall down, stand up and move on
Because what I have today, I know,
Tomorrow will be gone

You may call me a rebel, a black sheep
Or a wild horse – Even better
’cause, in the end, when all is said and done
None of this will really matter

So, why should I feel any less?
For things that wouldn’t matter anyways
I will live my life the way I should, and
I will live it like a man who’s got nothing to lose
I will make the wrong choices and regret it
Close my eyes, wake up, and forget it
Forgive those who hurt me, and hold no grudges
‘Cause let’s face it -
Who’s got time to hate?
When there’s so much love in the world anyway
And who’s got time to wait,
When life is so short you could just count it in days

Yes! I am twenty-seven years old, and
They say I should seriously consider growing up
If all that I just said wasn’t grown up enough
I am glad I am not one,
And to my dear grownups -
I wish you all The Very Best of Luck!

LET POETRY BE! – Carry Us Home

Performing a new composition – Carry Us Home, at Let Poetry Be


There are days that come
there are days that go by
They rain on us from the sky,
And carry us over to a time
We called our own, you and I

What we’ll do,
And what we’ve done,
They’ll mean nothing,
When we’re gone
‘Cause in this life,
We’re lost some times,
And the wings of time,
They carry us home

Let’s talk my friend, you and I
Let’s meet for a couple of beers
Let’s find ourselves in this crowd,
And for a moment forget who we were

it’s been a while now,
a while since those days
When life was an all-nighter
Drinking that horrible tea you made
All that planning, day dreaming,
With no regrets or sorrows,
Living in the moment like,
Like there was no tomorrow

Let’s talk of our adventures
The road-trips and hitchhikes
Let’s talk of how much we envied
Other people’s lives
Let’s talk of Love,
And all the women we could never date
Let’s talk of this bloody time
That just wouldn’t wait

Let’s talk of our homes,
And of the life we left behind
let’s talk of all those answers,
We could never find
Let’s talk of this world, my friend,
Of things big and small,
Let’s sit down together some time
And figure -
When did we build this wall?
When did we build this wall?

Love Story of Light and Black Hole

He was the light and she was the black hole. He had so much love to give, but she could feel none of it. He gave her all that he had, until one day, when it was time, he crumbled and turned into a black hole himself, to be with her for eternity. But fate, it seems, isn’t without a sense of irony. All his light seemed to have healed her, and she couldn’t bear to face him anymore, because all she could see was a past that she wished to forget.

Salsa Y Sabor

One two three,
Five six seven
Read it to the salsa rhythm
That’s when it gets even
Yeah, That’s right
The odd is even
When you count till seven
four and eight
Sit tight, don,t worry
Just dance tonight
On two, on three
It doesn’t really matter,
As long as you feel the music
Nothing else matters
Smile and get your basics right
Don’t put up a fight
To the front, to the side,
Cross body, around the world,
And then just slide,
And then, just slide


They broke her, piece by piece, and she let them, until there was nothing left to be shattered. The shards of what was left became her reality. She had lost her identity. She didn’t want to be saved, because there was nothing left to be salvaged. Her only hope was time, that held the power to erode all her memories, and set her free. But every time an attempt was made she would shut herself up and hold all her memories tight against her chest; a protective mother holding her children when she senses a threat. She would rather perish than let anything happen to them and that was her fate in the end.

The Clown

If I could make people laugh, laugh until tears roll out their eyes and they are gasping for breath while holding their aching bellies. If only I could make them smile, wide, ear to ear, till they no longer remember any other way; I would do it. I would do it if it were my deathbed and I had to choose between my favorite chocolates or this. I would do it like I am paid for it in warm hugs and kisses that make you go weak in you knees. I would do it as if it were my religion and this were my only way to get to my God. I would do it like it would put an end to all the wars and hatred in the world. I’ll do it because at the end of it all, I am a selfish clown, who lost his mirror and now looks for one in you all.